Recent Projects


Anchor Tasks: Inexpensive, Shared, and Aligned Tasks for Domain Adaptation

Zhizhong Li, Linjie Luo, Sergey Tulyakov, Qieyun Dai, Derek Hoiem.
Submitted to a major conference.
[arXiv] | [code coming soon (TM)]


Reducing Overconfident Errors outside the Known Distribution

Zhizhong Li, Derek Hoiem.
Submitted to a major conference.

Learning without Forgetting project icon

Learning without Forgetting

Zhizhong Li, Derek Hoiem.
Accepted in ECCV 2016 (spotlight).
Accepted in PAMI 2017.
[arXiv] | [Code] | [project]

Past Projects

Building Styles

Domain Adaptation for Structure Recognition in Different Building Styles

Zhizhong Li, Daniel Huber.
Accepted in 3D Vision (3DV), 2015.
[pdf] | [project]


Matchstick Man Animation Generation via Body Parts Recognition

Zhizhong Li, Changshui Zhang
Undergraduate thesis project


Papermon – A Computer Vision Monogatari
Zhizhong Li. Self-published, 2017.